Monday, November 7, 2011

Creative Gift Ideas On A Budget

This holiday season many of us are having to do more with less. It is very possible to give a thoughtful and useful gift without breaking the bank. One of my favorite things to give and receive for the holidays is food. You can easily put together an impressive gift without even having to turn on the stove or mess up one dish. Last year I put together a pasta gift bag that was a big hit. I picked up a couple of jars of pasta sauce; alfredo and marinara, two varieties of pasta and a loaf of Italian bread. I lined a colander with a colorful dishcloth that I bought at Dollar Tree and placed the items in it. I then set it down in a reusable shopping bag and that was it! No wrapping or stressing! You could even add some wine, cheeses, chocolates or italian coffee. The beauty of this type of gift is it can be personalized and the recipient will love it! Who wouldn't love dinner in a bag? Especially during the holiday season when everyone is busy. Planning the regular meals and grocery shopping for the essentials sometimes gets ignored during the hustle and bustle. Another added bonus is with a little planning you can probably catch sales at the market on everything you will need. Take the stress out of your shopping and give useful gifts. I plan on giving foodie gifts this year too. The possibilities are endless. Get inspired and take a different approach this year.

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