Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Confessions of A Reformed Coffee Snob

Gone are the days when I didn't think twice about driving thru the local Starbucks and dropping six bucks on a pumped up Mocha. I mean, why bother if you aren't going to get a double shot of espresso with your beverage of choice, right? Don't get me wrong, I still love the stuff, but I just can't justify the cost anymore. Especially now that I've discovered the French Press. They make average coffee taste phenominal! I couldn't believe how rich and full bodied the coffee is. You just wouldn't think it would be that good, considering the simplicity of it. They are widely available and can be found in stores like Ross or Marshall's for a very good price. I suggest you pick one up. The only down side is you can't leave it sitting in the pot without it getting too strong. I remedy that by brewing my second cup while drinking my first, or make two or more cups and pour the extra in a coffee carafe. The process is simple and well worth a try. Let me share the way I brew it. I'm not sure if it is the French way, but it works for me. If anybody has any suggestions I would love to hear them.

The coffee press will most likely have a measuring spoon with it.
Place the coffee in the bottom of carafe
Bring water to boiling point
Pour into coffee
Rest the plunger on top of the pot (do not press down into coffee)
Wait exactly 4 minutes
Press plunger down into coffee and serve.

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