Friday, March 23, 2012

Everybody Loves Jesse...Here Is Some More

I noticed while looking at my blog stats, a lot of you love the Jesse Willis Lewis recipes I shared last month. They are some of my top pages viewed. Well, I figured that there is no reason to forget Jesse just because Black History Month is over. People from all over the world are loving the Crawfish  and Squirrel Recipes! So, I am giving you what I think you want, more Jesse. Following are a few more. I do believe that Edith and John Watts were on to something back in 1954 when they published this book. I think it had a second release sometime in the 80's. It is a somewhat rare book, from what I can tell. There aren't many copies available online, and some are quite pricey. For those of you who do not care for these recipes, I will get back to posting some more of my favorite soon, I just find this interesting, and obviously people in Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Poland, the UK, Argentina as well as many other places are digging it! So here's some more Jesse Willis Lewis for y'all!

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