Sunday, February 5, 2012

Possum Anyone?

As promised, my first Jesse Lewis entry. I figured I would start out with something a little different. Now I'm not expecting any of you to make this dish, I know I'm not, but it must have been grand it it's time and place to have made it into this cookbook in 1954 in New Orleans. Notice how Jesse says a raccoon will work too? So if you don't happen to have a possum, you can always use that raccoon you have. Joking aside, many of us here in the South can remember having these dishes served up from time to time. I'm sure there are still many folks who still eat this way. With the economy the way it is, people that have access to these animals and the know how and means to obtain them are probably adding this sort of dish to their menus in today's times. In a lot of states it is legal to eat your roadkill. Well, for the adventuresome who have the misfortune of running over a possum, or a raccoon, this one's for you.

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