Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Louisiana Crawfish

If you've never tried these, it is quite the experience. I have had them  (meaning one) once. Considering I don't usually eat anything with the eyes still attached, that is quite an accomplishment. A friend of ours from Louisiana brought these to a party once. I must say it is quite a presentation watching a group of people gathered around a huge table full of these things just digging right in. They were just grabbing, peeling, and smacking like crazy and seemed to be in complete bliss. I remember them being called "crawdads" from my neck of the woods in TN as a child. From the way Edith Watts describes it in her book, I guess the proper way to eat these just comes natural if you partake. Presenting in honor of Black History Month, another true classic from Jesse Willis Lewis. Enjoy.

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