Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jesse's Pie Crust Recipes

I am sending Jesse off with a trio of basic pie crusts for any dish. I have enjoyed sharing some of Jesse's famous dishes with you this month and I hope I didn't bore you too much. I realize some of these recipes are dated, and not really practical in today's times, but we have to pay homage to our history. Jesse is a part of that. Many people still use their old family recipes, just the way they were, a lot of us change them to suit our needs by making them simpler and healthier. Well, one thing that will always be appropriate is a good pie crust! My mom used to make her own most of the time, as did Jesse. But even he used a mix from time to time. In the book he talks about using a pie crust mix on occasion. I'm not sure if what he was talking about is still available, he never makes reference to the pre made ones that we are so familiar with today. According to Edith Watts, the author, Jesse made them effortlessly, with little handling, and they were always perfect. I may just have to try one of these next time I make a pie. I, like most people, usually buy the frozen crusts, or the refrigerated ones, but these sound pretty simple.
There are many wonderful recipes in this book. It is hard to decide which to share. I know not many people want to know how to make a terrapin soup, so I went with this. If any of you want the terrapin soup, or chitterlings recipe, or any other gamey or creole recipe of yesteryear, let me know by email or a comment. I will be happy to share Jesse's finest with you.
So, please join me as I say farewell to Jesse Willis Lewis, with his three basic pie crusts. Now I just have to master my Mom's Apple Pie, she never really followed a recipe, and envelop it in one of these noteworthy crusts and I can't go wrong! Two classics from different generations, all in one heavenly pie, in yet another generation. That's how food history is made people!
 Enjoy, and take a moment to appreciate our culinary history.

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