Saturday, January 14, 2012

George's Cha Cha Chili!

I know I'm sort of on a chili roll here, but I obtained the recipe for perhaps the best chili I've ever tasted, or at least in recent memory. It comes from my good friend George Manus Jr, owner of Out Front on Main, an awesome little theater in Murfreesboro TN. He doesn't call it "Cha Cha Chili". but I couldn't just call it "George's Chili", that sounds boring, and anyone that knows George, knows he's anything but boring! I have known him for about two years now, and I can honestly say I have never been bored around him. His theater is a very welcoming place that has produced award winning, contemporary shows. It is a magical place that sucks you in. I never even realized I liked live theater, now I'm one of many of George's theater family. Which is fantastic, because he treats his family well! His cast parties are the best. He always prepares wonderful food for everyone. That is how I discovered this delicious chili. It is making it's food blog debut right here! You know how you hear food people on TV talk about 'layers' of flavor? Well this has many layers, just like George. It is a crock pot recipe too, which makes it even better. Join me as I present to you this very zesty and exciting chili. It deserves an award in my opinion. Make it, and sit back and enjoy your rave reviews with your full tummy! That's a wrap!

In crock pot: One pound of dried kidney or pinto beans, celery to taste, I use a lot because I love celery.
Chicken broth and Lowery's Hot Chili dry package-cook low overnight.
To save time you can use three cans of spicy chili beans.

Brown ground beef two lbs. with bell pepper and onions. Drain.

Add 1 jar of Medium Salsa. I typically make my own-but a 16-20 oz. jar will work as well, also Hot salsa is a good option for a more spicy result.
For tomatoes:
Easier option: 3 cans of petite diced tomatoes
Better Option: Blanch 6-8 fresh tomatoes, peel and bring to a boil, let simmer about half an hour.
Add all ingredients to the beans in crock pot with one can of diced tomatoes with green chilis. Cook all of this on low for a couple of more hours. Enjoy!!
For a jucier chili-add tomato juice to desired consistency.
To save left overs, simply freeze in an air tight container and thaw before heating.

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